Designing Gaming Convention Mobile App

Project Overview

Gamecons is an application that helps search for events and buy gaming event tickets.  Gaming Conventions entice thousands of gamers and spectators to experience, watch and play games, view new technology, and watch teams and individuals compete in a variety of game categories for prizes and notoriety. Moreover, Gamecons's merchandise has diverse toys and always updates gaming event news to satisfies users.  




User Interview

Domain Research



Adobe XD

Adobe Illustrator







UI Design Mobile App


March 2020


4 weeks



Life’s a party

The Challenge 

To create a mobile presence for a gaming convention. This app should provide convention participants with tools, features, and information that will further enhance the user experience. App users should be able to create a dashboard that will allow them to adapt the application interface to their specific interests.

Problem statement

Providing the convenient event app which helps users keep all their events data and have user-friendly interface. Moreover, users can search for events by event's name, QR code, or by locations. 


Research Methods

Competitive Analysis 

Domain Research


Competitor analysis

I compare some popular event apps to identify competitors and understand competitor's strengths and weaknesses. It helps me gauge how to curb competitors and refine my strategy.

 Key Insight

  • Younger people, especially those aged 18-24, are more likely to make video game-related purchases than older individuals.

  • Men are more than three times as likely to make gaming purchases than women.

  • Individuals with high school diplomas or Associate degrees are the most likely to make gaming purchases, while dentists are the least likely. 

  • People making more than $90,000 are less likely to make gaming purchases than their lower-earning counterparts.

  • People are less likely to make video game purchases the more time has elapsed since they graduated from their highest degree program. 


Design Principles




User Friendly

The design should be friendly with any kind of user. Users who never use the product before should still be able to understand how to use it in the first try. 

Visual first

The design should prefer to use visual material rather than text. People tend to remember and recognize visual data better than text data. Design with visual first will help users recognize and remember the product more easily


The design should make people feel the product is trustworthy and worth any value that they spend for. A new product with no brand recognition yet should have a design that makes people trust the product and willing to use it.


The design should be simple as much as possible. No design item should be redundant. Redundant designs will make users confuse and violate the user-friendly design principle. 


Mood board

The mood board 1 was inspired by role-playing and strategy games. It has strong colors with a dark tone which creates a mysterious mood and encourages users to explore the product. Moreover, the color combination with 3D fonts which enhance the mood and make it more attractive.



In the second mood board, the main tone got inspiration from the adventure game and beautiful natural scenes. With the theme color being bright, natural, and friendly, it helps users to feel relax and peaceful when using the products.


The last mood board was inspired by simple casual games. With youthful and joyful color, the mood board helps make the product become more familiar with younger customers.

Typography and Color Palette




Flow 1: User search the game events at Seattle.


Flow 2: The user wants to know more information about Sakura Cons 2020 event. 

Hi-fidelity design

Based on the competitor analysis, I created a new product with all the necessary features for the game event app such as searching by location, name events. Detail and information of the events are well organized in the app. For the UI, I choose the vivid and warm color like red, yellow, orange. These colors help the users get more excited and want to join the event immediately when they are using the app.

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