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Zulily redesign mobile app

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Project Overview


About Zulily


Zulily is an online retailer that offers fashion products, home decor, toys and more. Customers can shop from many different brands and take advantage of Zulily’s price-match promise, which guarantees the company matches or beats the price of other top retailers. 


My Role


I worked on this project as a UX/UI designer to find out the pain points in using the Zulily app and come up with a solution to solve it. Due to the limitations of a one week project, I narrowed down the scope of this project to only focus on the product discovery flow.

Problems & Sollutions

Splash screen


For the current Zulily mobile app and website, the users need to sign in to shop. This is very inconvenient because many users don’t want to fill in the email before seeing Zulily’ products yet. Therefore, they will switch to other shopping apps. Also, the splash screen shows and hides Zulily logo and description almost immediately, so users cannot grasp the brand and the message at all. The next screen is the sign in screen with no logo or any brand information.


When users open the Zulily app, the first screen will display brand name, description, and three options: sign in, create an account or start as guests. Thus, it will be more flexible and convenient for users to discover new products to shop.

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Current Sign in screen


Redesign Sign in screen

Bottom Navigation Bar

For the current app, there are 5 items in the bottom navigation bar: Home, Category, Search, Account, and Basket. The searching tool is the primary function, so it shouldn’t an icon. This leads to reduced visibility of the search element, and increased interaction cost in the form of an extra click. The new redesign will have a simpler navigation bar with only 4 items: Home, Category, Account, and Basket. The search item is removed from the bottom bar and is placed in another position so that users can use the feature more conveniently. 


Current bottom bar 


Redesign bottom bar 

Home page

The new homepage layout has several changes. First, the search tool is introduced on top of the page. This helps users discover products easily whenever they want. Below the search function are three deal tabs which are End soon, New today, and Upcoming. The next section is the hot deal which is a carousel comprising of the three best deals on that tabs. Since the new app design does not require users to sign in, there will be a sign-in option located in the middle of the page that suggests users sign in for the best experience. The rest of the page is either organized with popular categories for new users or personalized categories for sign in users. Inside the category section, there are two columns displaying two items and users can swipe horizontally to see new items in that category.

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Current home page 


Redesign home page

Searching section

In the current app, when the users go to the search view, they have the options to search by top items, brands and categories. These options are redundant because users can do that in the category view at the bottom navigation bar. Also, there are no autocomplete and history search features. Therefore, these two features are introduced in the new redesign app. Autocomplete is a very helpful tool for those in eCommerce. It can improve the experience for users by helping them to type less, avoid spelling mistakes, and decrease the level of overall effort required to reach a result. By providing useful suggestions, autocomplete functionality can help guide users to their destination. It is also a useful way to help refine further search queries. 


Current searching page


Redesign searching page

List searching items page 

The top of the page shows the number of found result and filter feature, which helps users easier narrow their product searches. The next section is the hot deals relating to the search items. This section displays a slider containing the some best deals on that tabs. Also, users can click on that tab to see more hot deals. The next section is the searching results which show products as in two columns. The redesign displays review stars and favorite features on every item which help gain the customer’s trust and allow them to save favorite items. 

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Current listing items page

Redesign searching page

Product detail page

The redesigned app has the sizes, colors and quantity select buttons that are located right below after main product images. The look and positions of these buttons are outstanding which help users to filter items more conveniently. Also, the new Buy now feature is introduced to help users take the buying action faster. The Buy now and Add to cart buttons always stick at the bottom of the page. All of these new features in this redesign will improve the user experiences by helping them choose size, colors, quantity and buying faster, avoid many steps to achieve a result. There also has one more section which suggests buying a bundle to boost sale. The last section shows similar items that helps customers have more options to buy. 


Current product detail page

detail item.png

Redesign product detail page

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